Direct Mail

Mailing Services

Direct mail is a powerful way to grow your sales. And, now you can plan and manage your direct mail campaigns with ease, using a one-stop provider who can handle it all for you. Get your next direct mail campaign into the mail stream faster and into the right hands with:

  • Address verification
  • Bar coding
  • Collating
  • Direct addressing
  • Every Door Direct Mail®
  • Inventory and fulfillment
  • Mailing list purchase and management
  • Postal discounts
  • Sealing and pre-sorting
  • Tabbing

Mailing List Rental and Management

Targeting the most likely audience is Job #1 in direct marketing. If you’re not talking to the right person, then nothing you say or do will resonate. A mailing list is only as good as the data used to create it. The more that the names on your list reflect your existing customers, the greater the chance that the leads will convert into new business! Our experience and knowledge can help you create a real and accurate target market so that you can be sure your marketing budget is being well invested.